Watch “We Are Aliens” At Home, May 8 – 21

We Are Aliens

The National Space Center is making their award-winning planetarium show We Are Aliens! available to watch on YouTube or Facebook for two weeks (May 8 – 21). This show allows families, adults and children to explore important questions: Are there other civilizations out there? Will we one day connect with them? Or is it just us?

The voice behind the show is none other than actor Rupert Grint, famous for his portrayal of Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies. The show is 25 minutes long and is enjoyable entertainment for all ages, but for a learning resource it is best for children aged 7+.

Use the links below to access the show. You can also find supplementary materials (teacher notes, lesson plans, and classroom resources) for a richer educational experience by clicking HERE.

Access the show itself by clicking on either of these links:



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