Summer Astronomy and Earth Science Camps Are Back!

One of the things that make the Casper Planetarium’s summer camps so good is our faculty. We strongly believe that camps can be educational and entertaining at the same time. Meet the folks who make it happen:

Michele Wistisen will be teaching our astronomy camps for 7 & 8 year olds (“Solar System Exploration” June 15- 19) and 9 & 10 year olds (“Stars” June 22 – 26). Michele is the Planetarium Supervisor and has done advanced studies on the most effective ways to help students learn about astronomy. She’s not only a skilled teacher, but a mother and grandmother who genuinely loves working with children. Michele will also be retiring at the end of June, so these camps are your kids’ last chance to learn from this wonderful instructor.

Amber French will teach our Earth Science camp for 9 & 10 year olds (July 6 – 10). Amber is a science education specialist who works with many of the classrooms in the school district. When kids see her in the hallway at school, they shout, “Are you coming to our class today?” She is enthusiastic about helping kids discover the wonders in the world around us — animals, habitat, weather, rocks and more. Students love the hands-on activities she uses throughout her presentations, too. (No camp on Tuesday, July 7 — even though the parade has been cancelled, it’s still a holiday for the school district.)

Rod Kennedy will be teaching Amateur Astronomy 101 for students 11 and older (July 27 – 31). Rod has been our Planetarium Technician for many years and will be moving into the Supervisor role after Michele retires. He teaches an astronomy class for district high school students during the school year, and can be heard on many of our Planetarium videos. He’s also a sci-fi fan with a great sense of humor that helps him connect well with middle school and high school students.

This year’s astronomy camps for younger kids will meet in person on Monday and Friday and via internet Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, for one hour each day. The cost is $15 per camper. The Earth Science camp will meet in person for two hours each day, and costs $25 per camper. The Amateur Astronomy 101 camp will meet in person at the Planetarium from 1 to 2 each day. Click HERE to download the camp flyer and registration form and get your kids signed up!

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