Stocking Stuffer Bonanza!

Just a handful of what you’ll find …

The Casper Planetarium’s gift shop is loaded with great stocking stuffers: tops and slinkies, super balls and mini-light sabers, goos and slimes and putties, kaleidoscopes, magnetic stackers, squish balls, splat aliens … a universe of choices!

Or think outside the stocking with science kits that let kids build their own solar plane or robot, windmill, smart circuit device, hologram projector, and more. A whole rack of space-themed kids books. Collectible mini-models of historic spacecraft. Thunder tubes in Australian Aboriginal designs. (Never heard a thunder tube? Stop by and try one out!)

It’s not just for kids, either. We have great items to sit on your desk … to waste your time or amuse your clients. Hand boilers. Kinetic sculptures. Goo drippers. Euler’s Disks.

You’ll appreciate our affordable prices, and your purchase helps support science education in Natrona County.

Our gift shop is open weekdays from 9 to 5, and Saturday evenings from 6:30 to 7 (before our Saturday night shows). We welcome cash and checks, but can’t accept cards.

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