Spooky Sciencey Halloween for Three Days Only!


Halloween can trace its origins back to a number of ancient festivals, from the Celtic Samhain to Christian All Hallows Eve. But there’s also science in its origins. Ancient people used astronomy and constructions such as Stonehenge to keep track of seasons and know when to plant and when to harvest, etc. That early science also tied into the annual celebrations that became Halloween. Discover a variety of traditions from around the world and the science behind them in Halloween: Celestial Origins.

This special Halloween show will play for three days only, October 29, 30, & 31 (Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday) at 4:15 pm. Admission is just $3 per person. It runs about 25 minutes, plus a short star talk that will tell you about the stars, planets, and constellations you can see in the current night skies.

Bring your little ghouls and goblins for a different kind of Halloween treat!

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