For Teachers

  • We have 3-4 shows per grade level to choose from as well as numerous options for dates and times to schedule a visit with us.
  • Each program presented to school groups is designed to match Wyoming State Standards and/or NCSD #1 Standards.  For a list of recommended programs by grade level and the science standards they include, click HERE (updated September 2020).
  • Make sure you schedule your bus BEFORE you schedule with the Planetarium – 30 day notice.
  • Click HERE to schedule your class (NCSD teachers only).
  • Click HERE to see list of NCSD Standards-based shows.
  • You can choose any program listed in our Planetarium Field Trip Standards Matrix.  The matrix provides the grade and standards that each show is designed to match pursuant to district standards.
  • All of our standards-based shows have activities that you can sign up for when you come to the show.  A yes/no answer on the schedule.  Please schedule one class at a time.
  • Please contact Amber French if you have questions about scheduling.  307-577-0310.
  • Teacher Guides are available for some of our programs.  We have placed a link to them with the show description on our list of Available Shows.  Look for the TEACHERLINK and click on it.
  • District Science Fair information, including handbooks, dates, and registration forms, can be obtained from the Planetarium.   Call Rod Kennedy at the Planetarium.  307-577-0310.

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