FAQ’s for Teachers

  • Q) Does my class have to visit the planetarium?
  • A) No — but we hope you will.  If you have received a schedule of visits (some but not all grades have), it is just for convenience and efficiency. A phone call to the Planetarium (577-0310) can  remove your class from the schedule this year, change the date of your visit, or arrange a visit if you are not already scheduled.
  • Q) What standards do the programs meet?
  • A) Each program presented to school groups was designed to match Wyoming state standards and/or NCSD #1 standards.   For a list of recommended programs  by grade level and the science topics they include, click HERE (updated November 2019).
  • Q) What if I want to bring my class to a program not listed for my grade level?
  • A) A phone call  (577-0310) or email (michele_wistisen@natronaschools.org) can get you put on the schedule for any program.
  • Q) Do you have any programs that can be presented in the classroom?
  • A) The Planetarium has three programs that can come to you in your classroom.  These are Phases of the Moon, A Guide to the Solar System, and Constellations.
  • Q) What other programs do you have?
  • A) We have over 70 programs covering a number of topics.   Choose the list of Available Shows from the drop down menu under the Scheduling a School or Private Show tab.
  • Q)  Do you have additional info that I can use in my classroom?
  • A)  Teacher Guides are available for some of our programs.  We have placed a link to them with the show description on our list of Available Shows.  Look for the TEACHERLINK and click on it.
  • Q) Where can I get information about NCSD #1 Science Fair?
  • A) District Science Fair information, including handbooks, dates, and registration forms, can be obtained from the Planetarium.  Give us a call at 577-0310.

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