More Planetarium Shows at Home!

Rice University is continuing their at-home planetarium show series with two more shows, Wednesdays, May 20 and 27, at 5pm MDT. These shows include a live Q&A session afterwards with the producer, Patricia Reiff, and the author, Carolyn Sumners. The programs are free and are conducted on the Zoom platform,…

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Story Time for Kids this Monday!

Laika the Astronaut

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) invites you to join them for a live reading of the illustrated children’s storybook, Laika The Astronaut, by Owen Davy. Laika is a stray dog living on the streets of Moscow when she is chosen to be the first ever animal launched into orbit. But…

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Used Telescopes For Sale

One of the Casper Planetarium’s supporters has two used telescopes for sale. These are large telescopes that will provide terrific views. His description of them is below, along with his contact info. If you’re interested or would like more information, please contact Lyle directly. “I have two telescopes that I…

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Watch “We Are Aliens” At Home, May 8 – 21

We Are Aliens

The National Space Center is making their award-winning planetarium show We Are Aliens! available to watch on YouTube or Facebook for two weeks (May 8 – 21). This show allows families, adults and children to explore important questions: Are there other civilizations out there? Will we one day connect with…

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ZOOM Through Digital Space

Zoom through space

Wednesday, May 6, 5 to 6 pm MDT: A live online discussion featuring Scott Kelly and Mike Massimino,astronauts and authors. Join decorated astronauts and New York Times bestselling authors Scott Kelly and Mike Massimino as they discuss their journey from space to the literary world, and how they became authors of books…

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At-Home Planetarium Show: Dinosaur Prophecy

Dinosaur Prophecy

This Wednesday, May 6, from 4 to 5 pm MDT: especially in honor of the 50th anniversary of “Earth Day”, Rice University and the NASA Space Science Education Consortium are hosting their popular planetarium show “Dinosaur Prophecy” with commentary from the Executive Producer Patricia Reiff and author Carolyn Sumners. “Dinosaur…

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Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower

This year’s Eta Aquarid meteor shower reaches its peak in the very early pre-dawn hours of May 5 and 6. The Eta Aquarids get their name because they appear as if they’re coming from the constellation Aquarius. In fact, they’re not … they are “crumbs” of matter left behind by…

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Mars 2020 – Free Webinar May 8th

Perseverance rover

Here’s another opportunity to hear from a world class scientist and up your science education game from home! Have you ever wondered if there is life on Mars? Watch a YouTube webinar this Friday, May 8, at 11 a.m. (MDT) to hear from Dr. Kenneth Williford, Deputy Project Scientist for…

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Smiley Face in the Sky? Well, Sort of ….

Memes have been circulating promising a rare celestial conjunction in May. They usually show pictures from past events when the crescent Moon, Venus, and Jupiter aligned to create a smiley face with the two planets as the eyes. That’s not quite what we’ll see this year. On May 23rd, the…

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Livestream a Planetarium Show at Home!

Earth's wild ride

The NASA Space Science Education Consortium and Rice University invite you to watch an online planetarium show this Wednesday, April 29, from 5 to 6 pm (MDT). Especially in honor of the 50th anniversary of “Earth Day”, watch their popular planetarium show “Earth’s Wild Ride” with commentary from the Executive…

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