Our Future’s So Bright … But Don’t Wear Shades. You’ll Want to See Every Pixel!

Digitalis projector

The view is about to get even better at the Casper Planetarium dome. At the end of February, we will be upgrading our system with a new Digitalis projector. This new projector will step up our image resolution from 1K to 2K, which means twice as many pixels in the same amount of space. Audiences will see a clear difference with sharper, brighter images and more intense colors.

We’d like to thank the 2017 total solar eclipse for making this possible — two-thirds of the funds to purchase the new projector came from gift shop sales.  So if you bought a pair of eclipse glasses, you played a part in helping us make this improvement. The remaining one-third of the funds came from BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educational Services, a joint venture between Casper College and the Natrona County School District).

It will take a few days to install and calibrate the new projector, so we will not have any public shows from Feb. 26 – March 2.   Our first show to feature the new system will be “Entirely Live” on Saturday, March 3, at 7 pm.  Join us then for a live tour of the March night skies, packed with information about what to look for all month long.

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