Not Just Another Pretty Spinning Disk

Euler’s (pronounced “oilers”) Disk is a scientific educational toy. It demonstrates the dynamics of a spinning and rolling disk on a flat or slightly concave surface, using a carefully calibrated disk that spins for a much longer time than ordinary disks (such as spinning a coin on a tabletop). It’s…

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Stocking Stuffer Bonanza!

The Casper Planetarium’s gift shop is loaded with great stocking stuffers: tops and slinkies, super balls and mini-light sabers, goos and slimes and putties, kaleidoscopes, magnetic stackers, squish balls, splat aliens … a universe of choices! Or think outside the stocking with science kits that let kids build their own…

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Not the Same Gift Everyone Else Got

science kits

Got a curious young scientist on your holiday gift list?   Delight them with Science Kits from the Casper Planetarium.   The Green Rocket kit lets them use a recycled magazine and 2 plastic bottles to blast a paper rocket up to 80 feet in the air.   Build a 5-inch generator that…

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