Be a Part of Real Astronomical Discoveries!

Citizen ScienceYou can play an important part in astronomy research right from your own computer — and in other fields as well.  Zooniverse is a portal to Citizen Science Research, projects that need lots of people to help interpret data for professional researchers.  You don’t need any special training or background — each project includes complete instructions and a forum where you can ask questions or compare notes with other participants.  You can spend a few minutes or dig in for hours — how much time you volunteer is entirely up to you.   Current projects include searching for comets, supernovas, and exoplanets; examining the surface of Mars; measuring and mapping the Milky Way galaxy, and more.

Click HERE to visit the Citizen Science Alliance’s Zooniverse portal and find a project that fires your imagination.

(If you don’t have time right now, we keep a link to Zooniverse on our “Astronomical Resources” page, so you can find it any time.)

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