Volunteer for Citizen Science Research

 “Welcome to the Zooniverse – People-powered research”


You can help discover new comets, explore the surface of Mars, assist with measuring and mapping the Milky Way galaxy,  or search for exoplanets orbiting distant stars.  All you need is a home computer.  Citizen Science projects provide a way for anyone to assist professional researchers and contribute to real academic research. You don’t need any specialized background or training.  The projects have detailed instructions about what to look for, as well as areas where you can chat with other participants and ask questions.   You can spend 5 minutes now and then, or dig in for hours at a time — it’s entirely up to you.

The link below will take you to the Zooniverse, a portal operated by the Citizen Science Alliance.  When you get there, click on “See all projects” and you’ll see a list of many different areas of research.   Use the arrows to scroll across the list.  “Space” is the last one on the right.  (Or you might find something intriguing in the other areas, from Arts to Medicine to Social Science.)  Click an area, then click on a project for all the details.

Click HERE for the Zooniverse!

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