A Universe of Surprises

Did you know you can attend an event at the prestigious Adler Planetarium in Chicago without leaving Casper? For the past 3 years, the Casper Planetarium has been part of the Kavli Fulldome Lecture Series — talks by world-class scientists that are simulcast from the Adler into domes around the world. The next one, A Universe of Surprises, happens on Saturday, November 2, from 11 am to noon.

You’ll hear fascinating information, made clear with state-of-the-art fulldome graphics. You can even ask questions via text. And while audience members at the Adler will pay to get in, the support of Natrona County School District #1 means we can make this available to Casper folks free of charge.

Here’s a little about what you’ll see: “Our Universe is full of surprises, from ghost remnants of black hole jets to exotic planets around distant stars to Boyajian’s star, the most mysterious star in our galaxy. Drs. Chris Lintott and Laura Trouille will use these unexpected discoveries to explore what we know—and what we don’t—about our dynamic Universe. They’ll examine how scientists cope with surprises, reveal what it’s like to think you might have found aliens, and explain how you too might make a remarkable discovery from the comfort of your home. With future telescopes, scanning the sky night after night, set to provide astronomers with a dynamic view of the Universe for the first time, there’s never been a better time to look up at the night sky—and be surprised!”

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