8 More Shows to Choose From

The Casper Planetarium has added eight more shows to our library of full-dome programs. Several of them are playing as our featured shows for the fall season, and all of them are available for school classes, clubs, pre-schools, or any other group that wants to arrange a showing. (For details on how to do that, click the “Scheduling a School or Private Show” tab at casperplanetarium.com.) The shows are:

  • CAPCOM GO! The Apollo Story — Getting humans to the Moon for the first time required extraordinary science and courage. Relive those incredible times.
  • Explore — Space travel would not be possible without the discoveries Johannes Kepler made centuries ago. An easy-to-understand review of Kepler’s Laws leads to a hypothetical mission to Mars, demonstrating how those laws are used. (This is our regular Saturday 8 pm show for Fall 2019.)
  • Gravity Revealed — Aristotle’s theories formed our ideas about gravity for over a thousand years. Too bad he was wrong! This show explores how Galileo, Newton, and Einstein revamped those ideas to help us understand that gravity results from warps in the space-time continuum.
  • Imagine the Moon — A different sort of show that looks at how the Moon has inspired us … not just in science, but in art, music, literature, and more. Visually stunning! (This is our regular Saturday 7 pm show for Fall 2019.)
  • Mars One Thousand One — Join the international crew of IRIS 1 as they take a thousand-day journey to the red planet. Exceptional production values and solid science content make this entertaining and informative.
  • Voyage to Distant WorldsThis tour of the planets in our solar system is geared for older audiences (10 and up) than the other solar system tours in our library. An original Casper Planeterium production, it has just been reproduced with fresh visuals and updated content.
  • We Are Aliens! — Are humans alone in the universe, or could we someday be sharing knowledge and ideas with cultures from other planets? Rupert Grint narrates this fast-paced ride on the hunt for alien life. (This is our regular Tuesday – Friday 4:15 pm show for Fall 2019.)
  • We Are Stars — The seeds for human life were made 13.8 billion years ago in the Big Bang. The Time Master takes us on a journey that connects life on earth to the evolution of the universe. Narrated by Andy Serkis.

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