“Theatre of the Mind” for Kids (of all ages)

toad bookcovers

Jane Yolen’s Commander Toad books have delighted a generation of kids. Now Stage III Community Theatre and the Casper Planetarium bring 3 of them to life in this unique approach to story-telling.

Live actors appear and disappear as they speak from behind the dome. The dome itself is filled with still and animated graphics to set the scenes. And down on the floor is a table covered with all sorts of things, from Star Trek replica toys to random items from the kitchen or garage … all used to create the live sound effects that accompany the show.

Theatre of the Mind is part old-time radio, part digital full-dome show. And as far as we know, the Casper Planetarium is the only place that does anything like this!

Join Commander Toad and the tip-top, hip-hop crew as they take a pun-filled journey across the galaxy in the spaceship Star Warts. And after the show, you can take your own Star Warts pictures in the lobby with the actors!

Performances are August 22 & 23 (Thursday and Friday) at 7 pm, and August 24 & 25 (Saturday and Sunday) at 2 pm and 4 pm. Admission is $5 per person. Tickets available at the door, or in advance at the Planetarium office weekdays from 9 to 5. Recommended for ages 5 and up; kids must be accompanied by an adult.

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