A Fun Way to Introduce Kids to the Sun, Moon, and Stars

astronomy sun moon stars

Moles: What Is Out There? starts out in a dark underground burrow. There a little mole named Plato wonders about the outside world. Sometimes it is light outside the burrow’s entrance. Other times it is dark. And what are those sparkly bits of light that show up when it’s dark?…

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“Theatre of the Mind” for Kids (of all ages)

toad books

Jane Yolen’s Commander Toad books have delighted a generation of kids. Now Stage III Community Theatre and the Casper Planetarium bring 3 of them to life in this unique approach to story-telling. Live actors appear and disappear as they speak from behind the dome. The dome itself is filled with…

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Moon Shows for the Summer

moon quarter view

We’ve had a great reaction to our new-show-every-week schedule this summer at the Casper Planetarium. But we didn’t forget that this is the 50th anniversary of the first human Moon landing. We have 4 Moon-themed shows that are running all summer! On Tuesdays at 11 am, we show Larry Cat…

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A New Show Every Week This Summer!

We’re excited to present 11 new shows at the Casper Planetarium this summer. From June 12 through August 23, we’ll have a new show each week, playing for 3 days only — Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Some of them are space-themed, but we’ll also have shows about earthquakes, dinosaurs, oceans,…

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Lobby Display: the Apollo Missions

Our current lobby displays celebrate the Apollo Moon Missions, which took humans to their first off-Earth landing 50 years ago. Do your kids know who the first human on the Moon was? Do you know how small the space was that housed two astronauts in the Lunar Landing Module? (Spoiler…

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See the Universe through NASA’s Eyes

NASA’s Juno spacecraft is about to makes one of its close passes by Jupiter. You can see it … and a universe of other cool stuff … using the NASA’s Eyes app. NASA’s Eyes is is free download that lets you explore the planets and moons of our solar system…

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Reaching Further into Space

In November of this year, NASA’s Voyager 2 space probe crossed the boundary of the heliosphere and reached interstellar space.   This makes Voyager 1 and 2 the furthest human-made objects from Earth.  They have been on their journey of discovery for 41 years now, and will continue until their plutonium…

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Not the Same Gift Everyone Else Got

science kits

Got a curious young scientist on your holiday gift list?   Delight them with Science Kits from the Casper Planetarium.   The Green Rocket kit lets them use a recycled magazine and 2 plastic bottles to blast a paper rocket up to 80 feet in the air.   Build a 5-inch generator that…

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What’s Hotter Than the Surface of the Sun?

“It feels like the surface of the Sun!”  That’s a common way of expressing that something is very hot … but not the hottest part of our solar system.   As you might expect, the center of the Sun is hotter, at 27 million degrees Fahrenheit.  Move from the center out…

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New in our Gift Shop — Color-Changing T-Shirts

                We have a new selection of color-changing shirts in our gift shop.  Both designs are black-and-white when inside and turn to full color in direct sunlight.   In response to requests, we now have both adults’ and kids’ sizes.   Affordably priced at just…

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