Moon Shows for the Summer

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the first human Moon landing, we have 4 Moon-themed shows playing during the final week of August.

Larry Cat in Space

Tuesday through Friday at 11 am, we show Larry Cat in Space. Kids will pick up lots of Moon facts as they enjoy the adventures of a curious feline who stows away when his owner accepts a job on the Moon.

back to moon for good

Tuesday through Friday at 4 pm, it’s Back to the Moon for Good. Learn about the X Prize offered for advances in lunar landing technology as teams from around the world race to achieve new breakthroughs in science.


Saturday at 7 pm, we have CAPCOM GO — The Apollo Story. Relive the days when everyone turned their eyes to the Moon and the whole world held its breath as humans went where they had never gone before.

dawn of space age

Saturday at 8 pm, see Dawn of the Space Age, a tribute to the courage and science that first carried us off the planet and across the threshold of outer space.

All shows include a short star talk about objects to look for in the current night skies; admission is $3 per person, cash or check only please.

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