Getting Kids Excited About Earth Science

We didn’t even have to get to the classroom at Park School to see how much kids like Amber French’s science lessons. You could hear it in the halls. “Hey, it’s the science lady!” “Oh, boy … are you coming to OUR class today?”

The lesson of the day was a session about animal habitats and tracks presented to second graders. They were really into it. Eager faces paid close attention. Hands shot up in the air to answer questions.

At one point, when asked what else animals might leave behind other than footprints, someone shyly suggested, “Poop?” That was a right answer, and resulted in a chorus of kids delighted to find a situation where they could say “poop” in school. Amber quickly taught them something new. “Scientists call it ‘scat’ … and in this classroom, we are all scientists, right?”

As a science program specialist for the Natrona County School District, Amber is a master of getting kids excited about learning. She’ll be teaching an Earth Science camp for 9 and 10 year olds this summer at the Planetarium. The camp meets for 5 sessions, every Monday morning in July from 9 to 10:30 a.m., and costs just $35. Students will learn about animals, weather, habitats, and other aspects of the natural world. Space is limited, so download a registration form HERE and get your young scientists signed up today.

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