The Great Planet Adventures – Kids Version

space colonies

With muscles and bones made on Earth, you’ll be a super star on the solar system’s low-gravity worlds. Imagine zip lining on the scorched Mercury or snowmobiling when it really snows on Pluto. Bungee jumping into outer space from an asteroid is like low-g diving from the tallest cliff or…

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Moon Shows for the Summer

moon quarter view

We’ve had a great reaction to our new-show-every-week schedule this summer at the Casper Planetarium. But we didn’t forget that this is the 50th anniversary of the first human Moon landing. We have 4 Moon-themed shows that are running all summer! On Tuesdays at 11 am, we show Larry Cat…

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A New Show Every Week This Summer!

We’re excited to present 11 new shows at the Casper Planetarium this summer. From June 12 through August 23, we’ll have a new show each week, playing for 3 days only — Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Some of them are space-themed, but we’ll also have shows about earthquakes, dinosaurs, oceans,…

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