Astronomy Resources

Planetary Comparisons — the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City has prepared this guide to basic facts about the planets in our Solar System

Online Astronomy Education — some basic info about planets, stars and other celestial objects, plus a collection of links to fact sheets, lesson plans, and more.  Please be aware that some of the links no longer work.

Guide to Backyard Astronomy — another collection of links to information about stargazing, telescopes, the history of astronomy, and more.

Backyard Astronomy –  this site is another great place to get started, with general info and a very good section on choosing binoculars or a telescope for stargazing.

How to Get Started with Astronomy While on a Shoestring Budget — a guide to many useful free resources.  Of particular interest may be the links to maps of light pollution and air pollution, and the links to free astronomy instructional videos.

Star Chart for Skywatchers

Moon Questions and Answers

Take Part in Citizen Science Research

The Telescope Advisor

Astronomy for Kids – An Introductory Guide

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